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Since locating my business in Baltimore, I have developed several business relationships with area law firms and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my company. I started out some thirty years ago serving court documents. I became a licensed private investigator specializing in insurance fraud investigations for one of the country's largest firms. I found myself being asked by individuals if I could serve court documents for them. Well, this grew, and I started Docuserves Process Service with one official client. In addition to Process Service I also specialize in Judgment Enforcement and skip trace. Now, I am not this huge Process Serving, Judgment Enforcement Company with a big office and a huge payroll. I have a local home office, and with the help of a small team of experienced process servers, my client base has grown, but I still manage to be that small, local company who knows all of his clients personally by name and treats them like they are my only client. No fancy office, no fancy website, just good results and friendly service. So the next time you have a legal document to serve or need a judgment enforced, give me a call directly on my cell phone at 410- 417-8284.     
Experience You Can Trust   Prompt Process Service, skip tracing, and Judgment Enforcement Deliver an important notice without delay. Docuserves provides reliable and prompt process serving when you require delivery for court summons, notices, or other legal paperwork. Docuserves also can skip trace a defendant with our powerful database. Have a Judgment you can’t collect , don’t know how or are unfamiliar with the laws and procedures or just too busy to spend the time and effort to get the debtor to pay up? Docuserves can enforce your money judgment and if we don’t get your money we don’t get paid. Simple as that. Fill out the case submit form for a free, prompt, no cost, no obligation evaluation of your money judgment today.
Whether you are interested in Process Service, Skip Tracing, or Judgment Enforcement,  Docuserves  can get the job done in a most efficient manor